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Misinformation Watch – COVIDGeo

Inoculating Against An #Infodemic

The COVIDGeo Misinformation Dashboard tracks and visualizes debunked COVID-19 claims mentioning or associated with a specific geographic location. Use the dashboard to see examples of the types of COVID-19 misinformation that is directed at a specific country.

How to use the COVIDGeo Misinformation Dashboard

  1. Click on the map to view COVID-19 claims mentioning or associated with a specific geographic location.
  2. (optional) Mouse over the timeline, then left-click on your mouse and drag it to see country-specific claims for a particular time range.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom to find the URL(s) linked to each of the debunked pieces of #misinformation.
  4. To go back, click on the little back arrow button in the upper left corner of the chart.
  5. To reset the entire dashboard, use the reload page button in your browser.

Best Viewed with a Chrome or Firefox Browser.