COVID-19 Misinformation Types Coding Schema  & Dashboard

The COVID-19 Misinformation Types Coding Schema includes 12 of the most common types of COVID-19 misinformation and their definitions. The coding schema was developed based on our manual review of thousands of debunked claims containing keywords “COVID” or “Coronavirus” (as recorded by the Google Fact Check Tools since January 22, 2020). 

The coding schema was developed to facilitate a systematic review and grouping of similar claims under the same claim type. By applying the coding schema, researchers can study the types of claims that are circulating online and offline, their prevalence and persistence over time. The coding schema can also inform work by policy makers and developers when implementing different mitigation strategies in response to different claim types. 

An earlier version of this coding schema, with seven initial categories, was published in Policy Options Magazine on April 14, 2020.

How to use the COVID-19 Misinformation Types Coding Schema Dashboard

  1. Click on any of the data points on any of the interactive charts.
  2. To go back, click on the little back arrow button in the upper left corner of the chart.
  3. To reset the entire dashboard, use the reload page button in your browser.