WHO Public Events on #Infodemic Management and #Infodemiology

We are pleased to share with you two online public events organized by our colleagues at the World Health Organizations (WHO). These events will kick off the 1st WHO Infodemiology Conference.

These public events will bookend a closed-session scientific conference on infodemiology, where scientists and experts from over 12 disciplines, including the co-directors of the Social Media Lab, Dr. Anatoliy Gruzd and Philip Mai, will join together to develop research priorities to underpin evidence-based response to the infodemic.

More information about the two public events and how to register are available below.

[Event #1] Pre-conference: 1st WHO Infodemiology Conference (Monday June 29, 2020 13:00 -18:00 Geneva/Paris time)

The history of public health in the 20th and 21st century is littered with examples of how misinformation caused harm during outbreaks and continue to do damage in trust in health authorities long afterward. The tools at health authorities’ disposal have been limited and expertise siloed.

The stakes are higher in a digitized world, where misinformation and mixed messages overwhelm individuals and communities, and affect the physical world as well. This is not just a communication problem. It is not just an issue that can be solved with a social media dashboard. Top-down approaches are not fit for purpose. We can’t afford to get this wrong for COVID-19.

How do we know if we have successfully mitigated/slowed down an infodemic? When behaviors at all levels—individual, community, health system, government—have shifted to resist misinformation and act on and propagate accurate health guidance to flatten the epi curve.

Come and listen to 7 inspiring talks about how the infodemic affects the world and reflections how it can be managed. The headline talk will be delivered by David Nabarro, WHO COVID-19 Special Envoy & Imperial College Institute of Global Health Innovation, UK. Other speakers at this event include:

  • Saad Omer, Yale University, USA
  • Rustam Haydarov, UNICEF
  • Harry Sufehmi, MAFINDO, Indonesia
  • Claire Wardle, FirstDraft, UK
  • Catherine Gicheru, ICFJ Knight Fellow, Kenya
  • Camille Francois, Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, Harvard University, USA

Please register for event #1 at:


[Event #2] Conference Closing Even: Outcomes of the first WHO Global Infodemiology Conference (Tuesday Jul 21, 2020 03:00 PM Geneva/Paris time)

You are also invited to a public webinar to hear about the results and summary from the 1st WHO Global Infodemiology conference.

Please register for event #2 at: