Rapid response project of the Social Media Lab

New COVID-19 Misinformation Web Portal

TORONTO — In the face of an unprecedented global and national health emergency, today we are announcing the launch of a new COVID-19 web portal for Canadians. Visit the portal at: 

The web portal is a rapid response project of the Ryerson Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management. The aim of this project is two-fold: (1) put a spotlight on COVID-19 related misinformation and (2) to provide Canadians with timely and actionable information that we all can use to protect ourselves and our communities.

Our team of computational social scientists, communications professionals and developers are hard at work curating trusted sources about COVID-19 and developing real-time information visualization dashboards to keep track of false claims related to the spread of the virus from around the web.

The web portal features a wide range of resources that might be helpful to you and your family right now and in the weeks to come. You can use it to:

The lab will continue to add more features to the portal in the weeks to come. 

The web portal is part of a new two-year research initiative funded by the Government of Canada. The initiative, Inoculating Against an Infodemic: Microlearning Interventions to Address CoV Misinformation, is a collaboration between researchers at Ryerson University and Royal Roads University.

About the Ryerson Social Media Lab

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Social Media Lab is a multi- and interdisciplinary research laboratory at Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University. The lab studies how social media is changing the way people and organizations communicate, share information, conduct business and form communities online, and how these changes impact society. The lab’s research seeks to advance the public’s understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of social media adoption.

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