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Information Visualization Dashboards

COVID-19 Misinformation Dashboard

Tracks and visualizes debunked coronavirus claims from a network of trusted fact checkers from around the world

Twitter Bot-Checker Dashboard

Analyzes publicly available data from Twitter to spot misinformation and the use of automation (a.k.a. “bots”)

Facebook & Instagram Trending Posts Dashboard

Features real-time streams of COVID-19-related posts from public pages and accounts across Facebook and Instagram

COVID-19 Stats and Resources

Tracking COVID-19 in Canada

Number of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Canada

COVID-19 Explainer Content

Curated collection of some of the best COVID-19 Explainer Content from around the web

Provincial-Specific Resources

Directory of Provincial-specific COVID-19 resources on the web

Is this claim True or False?

Visit our COVID-19 Misiformation Dashboard to inoculate yourself against COVID-19 Misinformation. 

Some examples of what’s currently circulating: