Are These COVID-19 Claims True or False?

Interactive Dashboards

Inoculate yourself against COVID-19 misinformation

Use the dashboards to learn more about the #infodemic and see what’s currently circulating.

COVID-19 Misinformation Dashboards

Featuring 3 different data visualization dashboards that track and visualize debunked coronavirus claims from a network of trusted fact checkers from around the world

COVID-19 BotsWatch Dashboard

Analyzes publicly available data from Twitter to spot misinformation and the use of automation (a.k.a. “bots”)

COVID-19 Claim Types Coding Schema & Dashboard

Features 12 different fact-checked COVID-19 claim types, their definitions and visualizations showing changes over time

Stats and Resources

Misinfo Report

A Canada-wide COVID-19 News, Social Media, and Misinformation Survey

Tracking COVID-19

Latest COVID-19 Stats for Canada and the world

COVID Resources

Directory of COVID-19 resources and explainer contents from around the web